About Us

Lasani group aims to provide excellent services to its customers by satisfying them at best. There several Cos under This Group such as Lasani logistics, Lasani Quran, Lasani Goods and transport Co, Lasani rail cargo, Lasani container services and terminal, Lasani logistics and movers, Lasani transport LLC, Lasani Europe, Lasani educational services, Lasani builders and developers, Lasani non-profit organization, Hr Logistics and Lasani future builder and developers are working to serve mankind since years in a well defined way.

The aim of all the Professionals and scholars on Lasani Quran is to make sure to provide quality Islamic education effectively. You can learn Quran online without any expense to stay close to your religion. Lasani Quran makes it easier for you to read and understand Quran online. Qualified teachers are there to help you, you can learn much if you are dedicated. Personal attention is given to the concerned students in order to make them happy and satisfied. The goal of our organization is to provide the Islamic knowledge to our students. We excel in fulfilling their needs and do best by various welfare projects in the best way and strive to do even better in future.

Our Vision

Our vision for Lasani Quran is to spread Islamic knowledge throughout the world making it convenient for the Ummah-e-Muhammad. The easy access will definitely convince the audience to learn Quran and know more about their religion to practice it more precisely and effectively.

Our Mission

We love to serve the Muslim community and enhance their knowledge regarding their religion Islam. We make the education easier and convenient for you; we focus on the areas where there is lack of Islamic teaching and Islamic Institutes such as Russia, UK and USA etc. If you have queries, you can contact us Round the clock and we will be happy to provide the ultimate Courses which you desire to learn. Courses are available to you at your convenience by Lasani Quran. You do not have to leave your home but our teachers are available to you by just a click away.

Lasani Quran is the free online Quran learning institute. If you think you are lacking behind in the knowledge of Holy Book, then this is the best place where you have come. The website focuses on Tajweed by given the utmost learning of Quran. Qualified Islamic scholars are available all the time to help you. Read, listen and recite the Holy Quran. Lasani Quran aims to provide you best courses to attend where essential teachings are available. The online tutors are here to help you out if you get stuck somewhere.