Five Pillars Of Islam


Islam is the Quran and Sunnat of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

According to who?

The Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) is what he said, what he did, his behavior, his character, his Zaher (outwardly appearance), his beard, his turban, kufi hat, tasbih, modest, long, loose clothing, and his Baten (honesty, integrity, justice, kindness, modest lifestyle, flexibility).


Faith without actions arid practice is a dead end, as far as Islam is concerned. Faith by nature is very sensitive and can be most effective. When it is not out of practice or out of use, it quickly loses its liveliness and motivation power.

There are five pillars of Islam:

  1. The declaration of faith : To bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and that Mohammad (PBUH) is His Messenger to all human beings till the Day of Judgment. The Prophethood of Mohammad obliges the Muslims to follow, His exemplary life as a model.
  2. Prayers : Daily, prayers are offered five times a day as a duty towards Allah. They strengthen and enliven the belief in Allah and inspire man to a higher morality. They purify the heart and prevent temptation towards wrong – doings and evil.
  3. Fasting the month of Ramazan : The Muslims during the month of Ramazan abstain from food, drink and sexual intercourse from dawn to sunset.
  4. Zakat : The literal and simple meaning of Zakkah is purity. The technical meaning of this word designates the annual amount in kind or coin which a Muslim with means must distribute among the rightful beneficiaries. But the religious and spiritual significance of Zakkah is much deeper and more lively. So it has humanitarian and sociopolitical values.
  5. Hajj (Pilgrimage to Makkah) : It is to be performed once in a lifetime, if one can afford it financially and physically.